Shounen Ai Go!!  Boys' Love Love Story!!!

About the Comic

Shounen Ai, GO!! is a heartwarming story of a young boy in love. And also
many other boys in love!! Only a few girls in love. Also a crazy squirrel not in
love!! This comic is intended to be a heartfelt love story, and also a parody
of many shoujo manga.

How did we come up with the ideas??
Well, one day Blase Biscotti was in Friendly's feeling pretty crazy! Next thing
you know, we have ideas for a comic scribbled all over our napkins!! That is
basically how this comic came to be, but with a lot more hard work and fun!!

A lot of our love, time and effort has gone into this project, so we hope you
like it!! But even if you don't we'll keep writing because its fun!! :) But I think
that you will like it anyway!!

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