Shounen Ai Go!!  Boys' Love Love Story!!!

Shounen Ai go Oekaki BBS!!

Hello to fans of the comic!! Ready to draw and have fun? : )

Oekaki BBS let you draw pics in your web browser and post them up with comments,
and comment on other's pics too!!

There are a couple rules here:

- All Oekaki MUST be shounen ai go related somehow! -
Whether its the characters, your reaction to the comic.. something!
If you want to draw some other characters, please go to our
theme free bbs

- No adults only pictures! ^_^ -
Sorry but this is not that kind of comic! Or that kind of BBS!!
Of course any couplings and any tasteful pics will be allowed.... Use your own good
judgement please!

- Not too many pics! -
This probably will not be a problem, but.. ^_^
If you draw more than one pic in a day or especially in a row, make sure to spend
a good amount of time on each one. Any drawing skill level is OK! Just don't post
a bunch of 10 second doodles in a row, this will push other new pics down :(

THANK YOU for reading the boring rules! : )


Also a note on how to use the BBS...........

To the left of the place to type in the size of your picture, there is a pull
down menu all in Japanese.
- The first choice will give you the simple "classic" oekaki BBS -

- The 2nd will give you a similar one, but with a larger pallete. -

- The 3rd will give you the modern "painter" BBS including watercolor option
and even layers!! Wow! -

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