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Other fanart!!!

This section is just for fanart mailed in, the oekaki artwork is

We are sooo thankful to everyone who sends us fanart!! Thank you so much
If you would like to send us fanart, it would be great!!! You can either
e-mail me a picture, or you can just draw one right on our own Oekaki

When e-mailing, please include your name as you'd like it to appear on
this page, and if you want us to link to your home page here, send the URL
too! And put something about shounen ai go in the subject so I don't
mistake it for spam ^_^;;


Such a cute and stylish Daisuki!!! ^o^


Kei singing in an awesome outfit, he looks so cool!!  I like the writing in the BG!! This is so cool!! Neko Daisuki like in the omake comic!! This is so cute, I want to hug him!!! :D

2 new!
A gift to the high and mighty squirrel!  This is funny, I love it! XD A very sweet picture of the two with nice poetry :D A sweet kiss~ with more nice poetry, very heart warming *o* Koinosuke and Daisuki snuggling under a blanket!  Pure cuteness! :D Cute nekomimi Kei~!!!I know, you want more Kei appearances.. He will come in very soon, really!!

Tampopo Hime

*scandalous warning* ^_^ Backstage pass!!! ^///^ *scandalous warning* ^_^ Backstage pass 2 *scandalous warning* ^_^ Backstage pass 3



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