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We are sooo thankful to everyone who sends us fanart!! Thank you so much
If you would like to send us fanart, it would be great!!! You can either
e-mail me a picture, or you can just draw one right on our own Oekaki


Wonderful singing Kei!  He looks so sensual! Cuuuuute Daisuki~~ Thanks sooo much!!

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Daisuki is looking embarassed, cute, and pretty all at once!! A pic of Daisuki looking very cool and stylish!  It is nice!
Koinosuke looking a little sad, but cool~

lil creeper
Koinosuke!! He is thinking of Daisuki, awww Koinosuke once more, looking so dreamy!!!
Another super cool Koinosuke!! Waaa~~ Koinosuke kissing a Daisuki plush! Oh its so cute!!!!

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Daisuki in pajamas!! Its soooooo cute~~ Daisuki looks embarassed and Koinosuke looks happy, and they both look CUTE!!!
Koinosuke looking cool as a soccer player!!  Nice pic!!! Neko Daisuki! Oh I love him like this, so cute!!!
Daisuki with a santa hat!! Soooo cute~ Now its Ben's turn to be cute in Christmas fashion!
Heavier after dumplings, lighter after sashimi... Right? ^_^  Cute kimonos~

Sapphire Horse
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Daisuki as an angel! So pretty!!! *o* Koinosuke looking super *cool* and like a hottie!
Wow somebody actually drew Suzuko!! And she looks cool in a Chinese dress!Koinosuke with a Daisuki plush, it is just so cute and lovey!
Group photo of everyone!  Its got all the characters and its funny, so this is great! XD A cool looking cover for Kei's CD~ Very good *o*


Cute pajamas Daisuki!!  Yaay so cute!! Superly cute Koinosuke drawn "creeper style"! So cute!! ^o^

Cool lookin Kei, with a sad face :(

Tomo Curious Cat

"Cheezy smile!" This is so funny and cute, I love it!! Awww, a perfect pic of Daisuki, it is just like him! ^o^
Daisuki & Koinosuke about to kiss!  Wow its such a pretty drawing!! *o* Koinosuke with neko Daisuki and mouse Suzuko!! Sooo cute, I love it and you will too!!!


Daisuki is burning with the power of love! Cuteness!! Tied for the first Ben fanart drawing!  Now he doesn't have to be so sad, so thanks!!
Koinosuke looking cool, and Daisuki is so excitied in the BG, its so cute!!! :D A first kiss of Daisuki and Koinosuke!  Its so cute XD XD

E. Phoenix

LOVE!!!!!!  Think of X-Japan's "Forever Love" when you see this! Daisuki with a cute little face~~ Awww

Allie B.
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Daisuki thinking of love~ so cute!! Tied for first Ben fanart!  Ben & Daisuki in stylin' sweaters!!
Kei wants Daisuki for X-mas~~


A great drawing of Kei!! @_@  Very pretty!!


Here is a cute Kei from Panda-chan!  Nice collar!


Daisuki saying "senpai~" so cutely! ^o^

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Super stlyin Kei licking his lips as usual!  Its great!! Thanks!! Kei licking the microphone!  Has he seduced you???


Nami is really nice, and she drew such a cute Daisuki!  Nice soft colors!


Kei is seducing Daisuki!! It is scandalous!! But wonderful! The squirrel is in love!! This is so funny!! ^o^
Cat boy Kei!  He is looking cool and sneaky as usual, but with cat ears!! Yay!

Lukita Ravenwing

Daisuki is looking at the stars and thinking of love! Pretty *o* A kiss between Koinosuke & Daisuki, so romantic, it is wonderful!


Cute Daisuki with Japanese writing to say he is cute! Kei lookin cool with some new eye makeup and hair color~!

rabid fangirl
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Daisuki has gotten a makeover from Kei, he looks so happy for it too! :D Daisuki giving flowers to Koinosuke!  You can do it!! XD
She is thinking of ways to draw Daisuki, and of course he is embarassed! Glomping poor Kei, but he is ok with it I think ^-^
You know you want Kei!  Just love him!!  He looks so pretty *o*


Daisuki is feeling blue :_( Nice colors~


This is a seriously good pic of Kei!! The colors are so good!! *-* A really good and cute pic of Daisuki in a turtleneck! Its really well done!!!
Koinosuke with a cool smile~  Very well done as usual with good colors!!


Oh no!  Daisuki has used the wrong hairdye!!  This is so funny and cute ^o^


Ben is singing! Ah my ears!  This is sooo funny I love it~ Is Koinosuke a killer?? What a chilling picture!!
Very dramatic Koinosuke and Daisuki! Its very well drawn!!

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Daisuki with elf ears!! Such and cute and original idea!! CHU! Cute Daisuki with pretty eyes *o*
Kei as en elf, looking cool like out of a music video!!

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Daisuki is just thinking about how love is going for him ^-^  Its funny check it out!!! Kei is half angel and half devil.. but all cute :D
The squirrel is reading shougo, and he is none to happy on Daisuki's heartbreak! This is so funny! ^o^ Kei doing a Monty Python joke, very well drawn angle @_@
Daisuki in tone with a little color, looks so nice *o* The charas are hiding from Kozaru!!
Kei is cool looking, again XD Mistletoe!! Smooch time!!!
Kei x Koinosuke?? Hahaha~ Kei is sad.. And looks very cool!
Koinosuke & Daisuki snuggling for new years.. So cute!! Koinosuke lookin' cool, listenin' to head phones!
Kei is so loney T_T

nora D.
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Puppy Daisuki hopping up on Koinsouke!  I love his waggy tail! Koinosuke is reading and Daisuki fell asleep in his lap! Its so sweet ^o^
Suzuko is being so pushy, haha!  Very cute drawing of her pushing Daisuki to Koinosuke! A super cute pic of Aniki and Daisuki X-mas shopping!!! XD

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Kei with a super feather boa looking so cool and pretty!!

Star Matsumoto-

A nice picture of Kei!  Good hands a lips :D

A very pretty and unique Kei picture!


Daisuki in a big sweater!  Cool design~


Cute Daisuki in a turtle neck~


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