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Sorry! I know this update was supposed to come last week... ^_^;; But at any rate check out the
new page!
Also appology in advance, there most likely won't be a new page next week, as we will ALL be at
SHOUJOCON!! But keep an eye out for us there, if we get our stuff together in time we'll have lots of cool stuff at our table in the artist's alley, so be sure to check it out if you're there!! X3

Also the next day I'll be moving, and may or may not have a computer in time for the next update (^_^;;) But I'll try my best!!! >XO

Also Tavia has sent more pages of her fancomic, I'll get them up as soon as I can, but my computer is very slow and its going to take me quite some time to download them all.. ToT I'll get them up ASAP though!

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3 new omake comic pages!
Sorry there's no update to the main comic, I know its been a while ToT
In the mean time, Mandichan and Kaze X will be at
Otakon next weekend! We won't have an art table, but I(Mandichan) will be dressed as Nurse Witch Komugi-chan (Pink hair, huge bunny ears, and a big wand!) so if you see me you can say hi :D
And then later this month, all of Blase Biscotti will have an art table at
Shoujocon!! So look for us, we'll be ready to give out goodies and freebies to any fans, as well as sell some fun stuff too! We gotta hurry up and prepare..!! *rushes off*
(Also sorry the update is late in the day - FTP was not working this morning!)
Today there is a special treat for Harry Potter fans in the
omake comic section! XD Sorry there's no update to the main comic today!! Thank you for being patient!! ToT
Can it be?? Yes it can!! A
new page!! Sorry to keep anyone waiting, hope you all enjoy it :D

I'm just about to go off and pick up the next page from Marty's house, but it still needs to be inked and toned! So to hold you off till then, here's a new omake page!
Sorry for having an omake page update 2 weeks in a row! The new page should be up either tonight or tommorow for sure!!! ToT




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