1. Your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend would..

...be very cool and strong
...open your eyes to how fun life can be
...be your best friend first
..."be an angel, sent to me from heaven~"
...be someone you've admired from afar
...would be a lot of fun!

2.Your favorite food is....

cute ice cream
home cooking

3. Do you like playing any sports?

Yes! I love running around and am full of energy!
I like a sport...
I play sports, but I'm not the best.. T_T
Oh my no, I need to keep my pale complexion!
Not particularily.
I love ping pong!!!!

4. If you have a crush on someone, what do you do?

Stalk them... someday.. you will know my love....!!!
Tell them directly.
Keep it a secret, just hope they might like you, but say nothing.
Try to be their friend
Try to confess, but be too embarssed >_<
I don't really get "crushes"...
I am already with someone ^-^

5. Which of these comics sounds the most interesting to you? (They are all fake! ^_^)

Nekomimi Soccer Bu
Midnight de KISS ME
After 5 wa Love^2 tonight
Saint Issabella High School
Bakana bubu-chan

Your favorite sort of movie is..

well rounded (has action, romance, humor..)
a goofy comedy
a stylish underground favorite
a sappy romance
an action movie
as long as I am with someone I like, any movie is good

7. What is your favorite color?

dark blue or green
light blue

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