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Daisuki.. confessing?? by Anch
Daisuki in a puppy costume by Mandichan
Daisuki trick or treating!! Awww! by Peoz
Daisuki announcing this site's opening! by Anch

Koinosuke playing soccer! by Anch
Koinosuke eating.. pie?? by Mandichan

Kei's new single! by Kaze X
A sad Kei.. :_( by Peoz
A.. kinky Kei?? ^_^;; by Peoz
Kei playing with a Justy Joe doll! ^o^ by Peoz
Singing Kei by Mandichan

Osaka Ben
"Nanya" by Anch

Other characters

Occult musume.. I forget her name! ^_^ - by Kaze X
Daisuki's brother! - by Kaze X
Brother in fashion! by Peoz
Suzuko - by Peoz
The evilness of MOMOE! - by Peoz

Group pictures

Masanobu-sensei and Daisuki!! by Anchella
Kei and Daisuki.. On stage!! by Anchella
Kei, Daisuki, and Koinosuke print club photo! by Mandichan
Daisuki & Koinosuke print club ^-^ by Mandichan
Love^2 Koinosuke and Daisuki by Mandichan
Koinosuke teaching Suzuko a good lesson! by Peoz
A very sweet pic of Daisuki & Koinosuke with poetry :) by Peoz

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