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Blase Biscotti Member's sites:
Anchella's page, with art and stories
Mandichan's site with illust, free material and more!! XD

Friend's sites: - Sarah's site! Great art!
Nami's site! Another nice friend with good art! Fun Oekaki BBS and now manga too
Trinity's webcomic, the 3rd floor

Web Comics We Love:

Pokey the Penguin

Arcana, a good comic with shounen ai and vampires

Carrots & Cheese - boys love comic with naugty humor

Okashina Okashi = Hillarity of anime/manga world craziness!!!

Nice page!!  She drew us a wonderful gift art!

Mayumi's page!!  She also drew us a nice picture!!!
Schism - a cool web comic, linked to us, yay!! My friend Nami's comic, check it out, its funny!
A nice comic that also linked to us! - A Directory of Online Comics Shounen Ai online manga directory!

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